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PART ONE. unbeta'd cause I need to run. 8D

"Hey, hey. You look like fun. You look like fun." The voice came from a woman, or maybe even a teenager, who had just stumbled around the corner. Overstepping, she continued to stumble from the sidewalk, onto the street, and back again. The street light behind her made it hard to see anything but her outline, but with the knowledge that a pub was not too far off, it was easy to assume where she'd come from. She waved widely, pigtails bobbing with each uneven step.

"Yeah. Yeah, I know I'm out after curfew. But hey, just listen. You know, I was thinking."

The curfew had been set a few years back, after the Great Scare, when the government had publicly announced that they were no longer going to deny the existence of the supernatural. The presence of vampires on the streets after dark was undeniable, regardless of how many people rioted against this truth. In time, people came to accept that the curfew was for their safety rather than to control them, and though a few people continued to ignore it, the number of nighttime casualties decreased.

Measures were taken; hunters were asked to give all police forces basic training, and some were given permission to patrol all public areas past curfew. Some were even hired as a private guard by the more wealthy.

"I was thinking that I don't know why all the old people complain about cell phones. They're great!" Though growing nearer to the woman she was speaking to, her steps became more quieted instead of the loud obvious stomps from when she'd first rounded the corner. Moving under a dark patch on the sidewalk where the light was broken, only her voice gave away her location; she'd stopped moving.

"Say, just the other day I killed a man with a cell phone..." She didn't mean he'd been holding it, and laughed, the nearly drunken giddiness suddenly seeming far more malicious than it had earlier. There was a small creak of a metal ladder as she jumped up and grabbed the last rung.

"Brilliant things, them cellphones." Starting to climb up the fire escape that led out of some old building, she only spoke once she was on the steps halfway to the second story, but didn't stop moving.

"Hey, you look like fun. Why you holding a gun, huh? What are you, a hunter? You hunting? Hunting what?"

The woman shrieked another laugh, and shook the bars surrounding the platform on the third story. It was an old building, and it sounded loudly in the nearly emptied street.

"People like me?! People that like it when you bleed? That need it--"

A voice, much more calm, came from atop the four story building next to the one being climbed on. The person couldn't be seen from where the climber was, but it wasn't like she turned to look at him. "Kyaki-san! Kyaki-san, you're going to be late."

The name triggered a spark in the hunter. Kyaki was a vampire that had been on the charts under a high level for years - decades (or was it centuries?). There wasn't much detail on her other than one note that she was good at escaping, and another including the number of hunters she'd killed that they knew of. She disappeared for random periods of time, sometimes days, and often years, and just when they'd mark her gone for good she'd show up again.

"Oh, that time already?" The malice was gone from her voice, "But I was just getting to know my new friend here. She's a lot of fun, you know?"

In the dark, she wasn't so much as a flash when she left.

The second time, Kyaki decided this hunter would make a wonderful toy. She said it aloud, then, but she'd decided it from the drunken second she had noticed the hunter. "And you'll be my only one, you know? It's like the whole world got boring suddenly and I was just thinking that you're the only hunter around that looks like you'll be a lot of fun, pet.

"And if you're ever become dull and boring and lame, I might just kill you."

The third time they met, Kyaki said in passing on the street, in the middle of the day: "Wouldn't it be fun to start a fight with all these people around, sweetheart?" By the time the hunter turned to get a look at her, Kyaki was gone with the crowd.

Kyaki hadn't even bothered to ask for the hunters name (Kana, she found out) until the fourth time they met, but it wasn't until two more years that she actually began to use it.

It probably all happened all within the course of two weeks, maybe less, but that had been years ago, though how much time has passed doesn't change how it all began.


"Kyaki-san, are you attached to that person?"

"Attached, huh?" Kicking a pile of books over, Kyaki hopped up onto the table he was reading at and swung her feet. "I dunno. Yeah. I dunno. Maybe. She's fun. Never disappointed me once."

The freckled boy went to speak, but Kyaki kept going. "Hey, hey. You think she'd be more fun if she was turned? You think we could hold her down for it? I dunno. I think she'd have to kill herself if it happened, you know? Hunters are weird like that. They have those moral and code things."

"But aren't you going to..."

"Oh that other hunter girl? Yeah, I've been thinking about her, too. She'll be much more fun that way. But I don't even need to really think about turning her, 'cause it's like she wants it, you know?" She leaned back, across his book. He pulled his hand away before she laid on it, too. "But you want it too, right? You want her to turn, Hayate-kun, because you like her."

Hayate turned his reddening face away, and pushed away from the table, tone more stern than usual. "I-I never said a-anything l-l-like that K-Kyaki-san."

"Didn't need to. You like her," she giggled, rolling over onto her stomach. "Hey. Hey, I've got an idea. Let's go out tonight, just you and me, right? We'll go out. By the end of the night I'll make sure you get really smashed and I'll pay some hot chick so you can get laid, too."


"It'll be fun!"

"No! I ca--You can't! You've g-got an appointment with--"

"Oh fuck him." It wasn't until she met Kana that Kyaki started to blow off her meetings with her superior. Since that started, she'd even (arguably) become more sane. "We're gonna have a blast, so put down your little watches and lets go. Fuck him."

"It won't be dark for another hour," he reminded her. "I can't go out until--"

"Well then I'm going and you better catch up, okay?" Kyaki didn't have any qualms about leaving him behind, though she honestly doubted he'd pull through with coming. It didn't matter.

She changed her clothes, left through the makeshift door in the wall of the library, into an alley, and out into the still-sunny streets. What was wrong with summer, she wondered, that the sun stayed out for so much longer? It didn't hurt her like it would Hayate, but it was still a bit painful on her sensitive eyes that were so accustomed to the night.
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