Kyaki (lazynin) wrote in raining_silver,

[*steps forward to claim prize birthday gift, and chooses an appropraite icon*]

"Wow. You actually came; I'm surprised."

Kyaki blinked up at Kana as she gave her a sour look from her spot, leaning on the door frame. The whole building looked shabby, like someone was bound to jump into the private room Kyaki had rented at any point and take everything they had (and Kana would probably lose more than Kyaki since that bitch never had anything on her).

The grin on Kyaki's face spread across to her ears, and she patted the cushion next to her before taking a sip of something Kana was sure couldnt have been anything short of thirty proof, from the smell of it.

"Don't forget to close the door," she reminded Kana before she came over, and she eyed her, unabashed as always.
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