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It had been about three days or so since Kyra had seen Kyou and Kayo. She was attempting to play it off, really. Thinking about it would only make her depressed. Kana too, had still been acting strange; Kyra didn't really see or talk to her all that much in the past days.

Mainly, Kyra found her time being spent with Tatsuya.

The young vampire had continued to escort her everywhere she went (at night), and, although at first she was troubled by his prescence, she had already grown accustomed, no, rather fond of it. For some reason, he just made her calm; even if he was only doing this because of Kiyoko's order (which she had yet to really ask about), she still thought it was nice. He was, you know, looking out for her. With Kayo gone and Kana being weird, it was nice.

Right now, she was walking down the road with Tatsuya by her side, his eyes unblinking, staring blanky at the road ahead of him. As she looked at him, she sighed. He never showed any sort of emotions, so it was kind of hard for Kyra to talk to him. Kyra was desperately attempting to think of a conversation starter.

What she really wanted to ask was this: 'Why would Kiyoko order you to do this?'

But instead, she remained silent.
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